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by Yohanes Sinulinga - Monday, 23 October 2017, 1:50 AM

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Ini adalah course untuk panduan untuk para peserta Ekskul disain Grafis

This course guides students to investigate and discover some concepts behind daily life phenomena that relate to Measurement, Density, and Kinematics through various activities such as exploration, laboratory experiment, demonstration, and independent practices. It also teaches students to utilize analysis and application to solve related problems or to new situations.

Nuclear power plant produces heat in thermodynamic state that can be transferred and used to produce electricity through electromagnetic induction. The electricity may become the alternative source of energy for future transport, replacing the old-fashioned gasoline and diesel engines.

Meanwhile, light is also an alternative source to produce electricity. Its interaction in atomic level with matter may give abundant advantages for all mankind. But its speed limits our space travel to discover the new universe out there.