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by vito ITDIV - Tuesday, 20 October 2015, 8:57 AM

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Have you ever seen a creative and an interesting brochure, or a poster, or even a presentation? What do you think about it? How to make it? Don't you want to create it?

Do you have twitter followers more than 1000? Do you have Facebook’s friends more than 1000? We use integers to express how many followers and friend we have. Beside integers, we use negative numbers to tell people a decrease in temperature, bank account, stocks and atmosphere pressure. As real numbers, both integer and negative numbers are related to our real life.  

Those numbers can be short-handed or short-formed to make our work easier in our everyday situations. We use a system called algebra, which uses symbols and letters of the alphabets to replace numbers.

In this semester, we are going to cover all those topics as a basic understanding to arithmetic and algebra.

In this semester, we are going to discuss about Percentages, Set and Pythagoras Theorem. We start with learn about how to express a percentage as a fraction, decimal and vice versa. Then, we will learn how to solve problem involving percentage change, reverse percentage, profit and loss, discount, goods and service tax and commission, gross, nett and tare weight.

When discuss about Set, we are often more concerned not  with individual objects but with a collection of objects. We use different collective terms to describe different collections of objects. For example, we speak of a collection of paintings, a fleet of cars, an army of soldiers, a pair of gold-plated orchid earrings, and a set of right-angled triangles.

A set of right-angled triangles has some characteristics that need to fulfill so they can be called set. One of the right angled triangle characteristics can be found using Pythagoras Theorem. In this semester, we foucs on basic principle and application of the theorem on everyday life.

Nuclear power plant produces heat in thermodynamic state that can be transferred and used to produce electricity through electromagnetic induction. The electricity may become the alternative source of energy for future transport, replacing the old-fashioned gasoline and diesel engines.

Meanwhile, light is also an alternative source to produce electricity. Its interaction in atomic level with matter may give abundant advantages for all mankind. But its speed limits our space travel to discover the new universe out there.